About Us

  • ground up viman nagar

Always guided by the ingredients, almost everything from scratch.

In the words of Chef Gayatri “ We have always seen ground up as test kitchen first and a restaurant

A place where ideas beginning with “ what if ” and “ why not ” are wholeheartedly entertained and
nothing is off-limits. We don’t have too many rules here but there are three guidelines that we do our
very best to stick with regardless of how many dishes are on the menu.

  1. Always use good ingredients
  2. Always make everything from scratch
  3. Ensures food make people happy

Ground Up will continue as a self-service restaurant that tests food out on willing patrons. Besides
using special techniques in cooking i.e smoking, curing. We love making fermented drinks &
carbonated sodas which are inspired by our local & international travels.

WE BELIEVE If it’s worth putting on the plate, it’s worth trying to make from scratch.